Retailisation as your inventory management partner

Whether you sell your merchandise from your own stores or via web-shops, shop-in-shops or franchise outlets, it is critical that you keep control over its distribution to sustain a high and profitable conversion at retail. By subscribing to our platform, you convert the typically linear supply chains of each of those retail channels to one retail network where the supply of merchandise is continually matched to retail demand. This significantly improves shelf-availability everywhere, reduces overstocks and markdowns and improves operational efficiency through automation. It also gives you full visibility over retail performance everywhere. Together with Goods-on-Tap, our mobile inventory management app, you can now vary the level of local retail input according to the business relationship between you and your retailers. You will be able to adjust quickly to new retail dimensions. How does that work? A simple web-interface allows users to assign products to locations. Our software determines the ideal level of inventory for each product in each location every day while taking into account constraints such as lead-times and pack-sizes. Our service includes the setup of a secure electronic exchange of daily sales and inventory data. We deliver either the re-order points (min-max) or the resulting order suggestions (optional) in the format that you choose. This creates a profitable flow of merchandise for everybody in the network and allows merchants more time to make good merchant decisions and provide important retail support.
new retail dimensions

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